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Sierra Leone


VOM is actively responding to persecution associated with tribal violence and the rise of radical Islam in Sierra Leone. More than 60% of Sierra Leoneans are Muslims and nearly 13% are Christians. Despite identifying publicly with a particular religion, an estimated 90% of Sierra Leoneans are aligned with secret societies that dominate all aspects of life in the country. These societies practice demonic rituals that include bodily mutilation of society members. Those who leave secret societies when they place their faith in Christ are persecuted and even risk being killed.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that the 90% of Sierra Leoneans who belong to a secret society will see its darkness, repent and turn to the light of Christ.
  • Pray that the women whose bodies have been mutilated by secret societies will find their value, dignity and wholeness in Christ alone.
  • Pray that God will break the demonic stronghold on the country and free countless Sierra Leoneans from the grip of satanic influence.
  • Pray that Christians in Sierra Leone will grow into mature biblical disciples.